Craig Davidson (Nick Cutter / Patrick Lestewka)

craig davidson (nick cutter / patrick lestewka)

Canadian fiction/non-fiction writer and journalist

Craig Davidson is a Canadian author known for his works of fiction, non-fiction, and journalism. He has written several novels, including “The Fighter”, “Rust and Bone” and “Cataract City,” as well as non-fiction works such as “Precious Cargo” and “The Saturday Night Ghost Club.”

Craig Davidson’s writing style is often described as raw, gritty, and visceral. He is known for his vivid descriptions, strong characterizations, and unflinching portrayal of difficult subject matter. His prose is often spare and direct, with a focus on the emotional and psychological states of his characters. Davidson’s work often deals with themes of masculinity, violence, and the struggle to find meaning in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Craig Davidson has used the pen name Patrick Lestewka & Nick Cutter for some of his horror fiction works.

Craig Davidson’s Biography and Bibliography

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